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Открылась бездна звезд полна; Звездам числа нет, бездне дна. (с)
Опять голосовалку не придумали. :nini: Будем без голосовалки значит. :smirk:
Всё-таки придумали. :-D

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1. Ви а зе чэмпионс май фрэээнд энд вилл кип он файтинг тил зе эээнд! 
15  (17.24%)
2. Тач май тирз виз ё липс тач май воооорлд виз ё фингертипс энд ви кэн хэв форевер! 
5  (5.75%)
3. Ви вилл ви вилл рок ю!!! 
6  (6.9%)
4. Форева янг ай вонт ту би форева янг! 
4  (4.6%)
5. Шоу маст гооооо оооон! 
12  (13.79%)
6. Мама миа! Мама миа! Лет ми гоу!!! 
5  (5.75%)
7. Хир ви а борн ту би кингз ви'р зэ присэс оф зэ юнивёрс! 
3  (3.45%)
8. Итс э кайнд оф мейджик! 
7  (8.05%)
9. Фреенндз вил би френдз! Вен ю ин нид оф лав зей гив ю кэр энд эттеншен! 
0  (0%)
30  (34.48%)
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2017-04-19 в 14:50 

Аки переводит интервью с Ямамото из Фебри
I got my Febri today and it's Wednesday so I'm going to translate Yamamoto's comments on YoI from the interview~
The interview is p long - she also talks about her career and her work on Michiko and Fujiko - so I'm going to focus on the YoI bits only.
Q: Looking back, you could say that Michiko and Hatchin's relationship overlaps a bit with Viktor and Yuuri's.
Yamamoto: That might be true. With Michiko, our boss said he wanted to make an action show with a female protagonist.
Yamamoto: Back then, I was helping with Koike's work, so he probably thought I'm good at American comics-style stuff...
Yamamoto: I can draw it for work, sure, but honestly, I'm not that into it. (laughs)
Yamamoto: Relationships labeled with words like "lovers" or "family" are stifling - so I wanted to draw a bond not bound by such names.
Yamamoto: Same goes for YoI, too. Sure, you could simply say it's a story about a coach and a skater, but...
Q: But, you wanted to draw a relationship that went past descriptions like that.
Yamamoto: A relationship where they care about each other, a bond that would be oh so difficult to replace.
Yamamoto: As a big theme, both shows are similar, but I was very attentive when it comes to expressing that theme.

2017-04-19 в 14:53 

Sure, you could simply say it's a story about a coach and a skater, but...
Как говорил один мой друг, "Все, что идет перед "но", можно сразу вычеркивать" :lol:

2017-04-19 в 15:00 

Yamamoto: I started thinking about making a figure skating anime while working on Mine Fujiko.
Yamamoto: I was already into skating around that time - it was basically the only thing capable of lifting my mood (laughs).
Yamamoto: Some of Oscar's (from Mine Fujiko) clothes were inspired by Johnny Weir's costumes.
Yamamoto: After Fujiko, I wanted to make a show filled with just the things I liked.
Yamamoto: I was a bit down back then. I thought, what's my purpose in life if I don't do things I truly want from the bottom of my heart?
Q: When did you get into skating?
Yamamoto: It started when I was working on Michiko. There were so many great male skaters back then too.
Yamamoto: Stephane Lambiel, Evgeni Plushenko, Johnny Weir, Jeffrey Buttle, Daisuke Takahashi... You could go on and on.

2017-04-19 в 15:07 

2017-04-19 в 15:10 

Team USA на WTT
котики *0*

Аки переводит интервью с Ямамото из Фебри
анон, спасибо, что приносишь! ты солнышко :sunny:

2017-04-19 в 15:15 

Yamamoto: In short programs, the skaters' entire lives are packed into those 2 minutes and 50 seconds.
Yamamoto: The longer you watch the better you understand the emotions hidden behind their skating. Every single jump is packed with meaning.
Yamamoto: In 2009, J. Weir skated to Gaga's Poker Face in his expo, to his own choreography - it was so sensational, a huge inspiration.
Yamamoto: He produced such an androgynous spectacle on his own and even had an appropriate make-up.
Q: He was expressing himself through his skating.
Yamamoto: It was so awe-inspiring.
Yamamoto: In Vancouver Olympics, his performance was amazing but he didn't get that many points.
Yamamoto: The audience booed the judges' score, and I thought - "I want to see him perform live!". And then it snowballed from there.

2017-04-19 в 15:17 

И Женя тоже есть, но сорса не знаю, мне просто картинкой скинули
читать дальше

2017-04-19 в 15:17 

Team USA на WTT

ЖЖ-стайл! :lol: немедленно вспомнил анона с мужем
Няши :heart:

2017-04-19 в 15:20 

О, сама Женя тоже выложила фото в твиттере
немного другое

2017-04-19 в 15:23 

О, сама Женя тоже выложила фото в твиттереО, сама Женя тоже выложила фото в твиттере

Прекрасна, просто прекрасна :heart: Надеюсь, СаеКубо в курсе, что все эти люди совсем не против канонного кацудона

2017-04-19 в 15:31 

Возвращаемся к интервью))
Yamamoto: The moment I woke up, I'd check my insta that only follows skaters, view EU & US news, scroll thru FB, Twitter, the TV guide...
Yamamoto: I watched live streams while forgoing sleeping. Let's just say figure skating ate up a lot of my life. (laughs)
Yamamoto: It's not so easy to convince people to make a skating anime. I was told it's hard or "You mean like a sports club thing"? (laughs)
Yamamoto: But I wanted to make a show about competitions, something I loved watching. It was so difficult to get that message through.
Yamamoto: But at the same time, I knew I was thinking of making something no one has done before, something hard to visualize.
Yamamoto: When people understand you, simply tell you "that sounds good!", you know it's something that person has seen somewhere before.

2017-04-19 в 15:32 

Надеюсь, СаеКубо
да кубо-то уж точно в курсе xD

2017-04-19 в 15:57 

Yamamoto: I went to see the Sochi Olympics in 2014. But after the male short program, I felt lost, standing there in the Rostelecom plaza.
Yamamoto: It was because Plushenko abruptly withdrew from the competition due to an injury.
Yamamoto: But I thought that if I go to the plaza, I could at least talk to the Russians who shared the same feelings as me.
Yamamoto: That's when I suddenly received a call from a certain producer.
Yamamoto: "If there's a project you'd like to make, we could do it together", he said and I answered on the spot, "Skating anime!". (laughs)
Q: You went and said it. (laughs)
Yamamoto: That was the first time someone listened to me about it seriously.
Yamamoto: Turned out TV Asahi wanted to make a sports anime. I thought, we HAVE TO do a Grand Prix series. It'd be perfect for 12 episodes.
Yamamoto: At first I considered working with a scenario writer, but then I realized no one is as crazy about skating as I am. (laughs)
Yamamoto: I was into Kubo's radio show, "All Night Japan". "I could get along with her", I thought, despite being just a listener. (laughs)
Yamamoto: That's when I heard her speak about skating on the show, and her perspective was so interesting.
Yamamoto: I knew she worked on the storyboard for the Moteki movie, but after researching, I learned she was publishing in Weekly Shonen.
Yamamoto: That's when I visualized working on a TV show scenario. Kubo was also experienced with original work, which was important.

2017-04-19 в 16:02 

I was into Kubo's radio show, "All Night Japan". "I could get along with her", I thought, despite being just a listener. (laughs)
Кацужки канон :3

2017-04-19 в 16:04 

А можно для тупенький вкратце перевод на русский?

2017-04-19 в 16:08 

Yamamoto: Kubo doesn't mince words. She interprets things on her own, confidently says "This is how it is, so we should do that."
Yamamoto: She was like this in the radio show and in person. And what I look for in writers is the ability to deliver impactful lines.
Yamamoto: I believed Kubo would be good at those - and she was even better than I thought she would be.
Q: That's true, the lines written by Kubo pack quite a punch.
Yamamoto: They're the best!
Yamamoto: I thought I should handle the series' composition since I was used to making TV series, so I started re-learning scenario writing.
Yamamoto: There were so many things I challenged myself with for the first time. I wanted to show all the competitions...
Yamamoto: While also showing all the drama the series needed. I had to create a very through plan to fit it all.

2017-04-19 в 16:10 

надеюсь, в вк скоро выложат перевод

2017-04-19 в 16:15 

Yamamoto: We also had to fit all the lines we wanted to use. This required great directing and scriptwriting skills I still lacked.
Yamamoto: To create a show I truly would like to watch, I had to study and work on all the aspects that needed improvement.
Yamamoto: First, I came up with Yuuri and Viktor. A skater at the edge of a proverbial cliff and his hero and rival who becomes his coach.
Yamamoto: I wanted to make a story about them aiming for gold at the Grand Prix.
Yamamoto: Also, one of the first things I did was creating a tournament chart. (*pulls out the actual chart*)
Yamamoto: It was super fun! (laughs) We changed some placement order here and there, but the outline was decided back then.

2017-04-19 в 16:17 

his hero and rival who becomes his coach.

2017-04-19 в 16:18 

Кацужки канон :3
они нашли друг друга :heart:

2017-04-19 в 16:18 

Новый плакат, коллаб с Тим Трофи
што они делают :lol::lol: витя впереди планеты всей

2017-04-19 в 16:27 

Yamamoto: Real-life skaters were a big part of my inspiration. For example, there was this skater who was my inspiration for Yuuri.
Yamamoto: A normally timid skater who lacks confidence transforms into someone who hates losing while on ice.
Yamamoto: Someone who wants the audience, the judges and the viewers from all over the world to look only at them.
Yamamoto: When I heard about that, I thought it was an interesting mentality to have. And that's how new ideas are born.
Yamamoto: Yuuri was a character like that, only one that started changing upon meeting Viktor.
Yamamoto: Someone like Viktor isn't that rare of a sight in a skating world. (laughs)
Yamamoto: Someone who doesn't care about what others think of them, someone who believes it's normal that they get attention.
Yamamoto: Someone who acts freely, and who believes that by doing so, they bring joy to people around them.
Yamamoto: I love developments where characters like that suddenly show up.

2017-04-19 в 16:40 

хоть бы переводили что ли, действительно

2017-04-19 в 16:48 

Сейчас доеду с работы до дома и переведу (если кто-нибудь не переведет раньше)

2017-04-19 в 16:49 

хоть бы переводили что ли, действительно
мне переводит гугл-хром, ты тоже так можешь)

2017-04-19 в 16:56 

мне переводит гугл-хром, ты тоже так можешь)
ААга, только иногда он переводит совершенно противоположное смыслу.

2017-04-19 в 17:02 

ААга, только иногда он переводит совершенно противоположное смыслу.
Я пока еще не ошибался за пять лет прочитанной тонны фичков :nope:
Из контекста легко понять о чем речь.
Тонкости могут пройти мимо или там какие-либо неточности возникнут, но общий смысл понять нетрудно) Это тебе не китайский/японский.
Да и вообще не вижу значительных отличий от пересказа от других анонов.

2017-04-19 в 17:04 

Someone like Viktor isn't that rare of a sight in a skating world.
То ли плевок, то ли комплимент :-D хорошо сказала

2017-04-19 в 17:06 

Someone like Viktor isn't that rare of a sight in a skating world.
То ли плевок, то ли комплимент хорошо сказала

Мне кажется в мире большого спорта ты либо уверен в себе, что сияешь в ночи, либо жить тебе очень тяжело х)
Ну и вообще если занимаешь первые места, то считать себя уг сложно (хотя кое-кто справляется xD)

2017-04-19 в 17:12 

у меня же не глюки, это же на Юри косплей?